Prayer Ministry

When we read the stories of Jesus, and the things that he did, one of the things that stands out is the way in which he healed people. Sometimes he healed them from physical illness, sometimes it was from anxiety or depression. On other occasions he released people from a sense that they were held captive by forces they could not understand. In each of these situations, Jesus responded to the particular needs of those he met by offering healing and restoring people to wholeness of life.

All that we learn of Jesus in the gospel stories is also true now, in the present time.  Jesus continues to meet people in their everyday lives at their point of need and he offers the possibility of change and new life.  He also asks us, as Christians, to follow his example by praying with others for healing and wholeness.

When Christians come together there is always the opportunity for prayer for one another but we are also always happy to pray with anyone who is experiencing difficulty in their lives.  On the Sundays when The Six meet for a joint service, the ancient practice of prayer with the laying on of hands and anointing with oil is offered in a quiet area of the church, after Holy Communion has been received.

If you would like to talk to one of the clergy about an issue in your life which needs prayer, please contact us.

A further contact is the Canterbury Diocesan Fellowship of Healing and Wholeness which offers training and support for the ministry of healing and wholeness.  A small group of us have received training which allows us to offer the laying on of hands in church services. We would be pleased to meet together with others to explore the healing ministry further. The fellowship also offers a centre for healing and wholeness at 

The Living Well, Nonington