Prayers during Covid-19 Crisis

In the face of the current Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, and of the enormity of its impact on this country and the world at large we can find ourselves lost for words, not knowing what to pray. The following prayers have been written to give us a language to express what is on our hearts, to express our concern for all who are affected in this crisis. At the bottom of the page are prayers written by World Vision.

For the promise of God's presence

Keep us, Good Lord
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us
from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Lord Jesus Christ,
you taught us to care for those in need
as if we were caring for you.
In this time of anxiety, give us strength
to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,
and to assure the isolated
of our love, and your love,
for your name's sake.

For those who are ill

Merciful God,
we entrust to your tender care
those who are ill or in pain,
knowing that whenever danger threatens
your everlasting arms
are there to hold them safe.
Comfort and heal them, and restore them to health and strength;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For hospital staff and medical resarchers

Gracious God,
give skill, sympathy and resilience
to all who are caring for the sick,
and your wisdom to those searching for a cure.
Strengthen them with your Spirit,
that through their work
many will be restored to health;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For the Christian community

We are not people of fear:
we are people of courage.
We are not people who protect our own safety:
we are people who protect our neighbours' safely.
We are not people of greed:
we are people of generosity.
We are your people God,
giving and loving,
wherever we are,
whatever it costs
for as long as it takes
wherever you call us.
Amen.   (Barbara Glasson President of the Methodist Conference)

Here are some prayers from World Vision Covid-19 that you may find helpful to use.