Open Churches

Your local church community is here to serve the village community, especially for the most vulnerable in our village communities. Our buildings are open during the week, offering time and space to 'breathe out' the anxieties and pressures you may be experiencing and to 'breathe in' peace and hope in their place that comes by being in the presence of God's love and grace. Time to be still, to come and rest for a while and to pray as you can. The days when the buildings are available for individual prayer and breathing space are as follows:

 St Michael's Hartlip

 open daily

 St Mary's Newington

 open daily

 St Mary's Upchurch

 usually open during daylight hours

 St Mary Magdalene Stockbury 

 Every Sunday 10am - 5pm

 St Margaret's Lower Halstow

 Every Thursday morning 

 All Saints Iwade

 open daily