The Call to Prayer

"If we want to see things changed, it starts with prayer" 
Archbishop Justin Welby.

Jesus made time each day in his life and ministry to meet with his heavenly Father, showing us that we too can do the same coming as we are with our concerns knowing that we will be heard. Yet prayer is more than coming with a list of requests, it is also about a time and place of just being with our heavenly Father to know ourselves simply love as his beloved child.    prayer

The God revealed to us by Jesus promises to hear us and to respond when we pray. We can pray just to be in touch with him, to make sure that we are listening for his presence in our lives and the lives of others. It's not about special words, just being ourselves before the Lord God who gazes upon us with love. So whatever there is in our lives we can just say it as it is and ask him to help. 

We all need help with prayer, and there are lots of good resources available. We are here to encourage each other in this journey of prayer in different ways. Here are some different ways and resources:
  • To use the Bible to help you pray, you could start with the Psalms, conversations between the writer and God about the whole of human experience, including difficult times. 
  • For written prayer, the Church of England website has prayers for a range of situations.