'Heart of the Matter'

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Global Warming 'Living Simply.'

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 Hartlip Debates. A brief introduction to Heart of the Matter.

Some years ago we recognised both the need, and our desire, to develop the use of the wonderful church building in Hartlip beyond Sunday services, by looking beyond its core congregation and so making the church available for events addressing those who might not usually attend services, from within the village and further afield.  
This gave birth to our series of annual 'Heart of the Matter' debates in Hartlip, which have now been running since 2013. 

These seek to explore a topical issue, drawing on a Christian perspective, through which we are guided by speakers with specific knowledge or particular experience in relation to that particular issue. The first in 2013, we debated the merits of organic food.

We have been privileged to have the following speakers leading debates on the following issues: 
2014: Gill Newman: 'Syria - Is Aid a Waste of Time and Money?'
2015: Professor Andrew Westby: 'Food Security'
2016: Bishop Trevor Willmott: '
Responding to the Refugee Crisis'
2017: Jaz Glen: Children of Hope. A debate on 'Honour Based Violence.'
2018: Noel Lander: Visit to Uganda and the Resurrection Life Church in Entebbe.
2019: Former Bishop of Dover Richard Llewellyn: 'Global Warming. Is it a done deal?'