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Our Link with Uganda

Lesley Ambrose, part of our Church family is working at the Resurrection Life Church in Entebbe, Uganda.  We are supporting her good work and sponsoring some of the children she cares for.  We receive regular updates and photos of life and progress. 

This is our latest correspondence from Lesley in March.

Dear Friends,
I’m attaching a short news letter with some photos to update you on our recent activities. A lot has happened since I drafted this letter a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been following the news of UK on the BBC and I’m so sorry for all the challenges you are passing through.

Our restrictions are more recent. The schools and churches were closed just over a week ago, followed by a ban on all public means of transport. In Africa we have a different set of problems compared to Europe. This is a communal society and people are gregarious by nature. In addition, many poorer people live hand to mouth which means if they don’t work that day they have no food. I can see that many people are still on the move, often in groups, and the children are also wandering about hungry. We have just 33 cases so far, mostly those who returned from Dubai, but the government is now imposing strict measures.
As a church we are keeping in touch by ‘phone and supporting each other in prayer. David has been going around in the van to deliver maize flour to needy families. Just before the transport ban we crossed the lake with the youth. They cleared some of the garden and planted beans and maize. It’s now raining heavily and so we’ll be able to harvest food later on. We know the Lord is with us, he will protect us and provide for our needs.
I’ve been encouraging everyone to read Psalm 91 which promises the Lord’s protection for his people.
Praying for you as you are praying for us.

Last year we rented about an acre of land on which to grow food for the church. The land across the lake in Buweya is plentiful and inexpensive. The youth worked very hard to clear the land and at the same time really enjoyed the adventure. The main crops we planted were beans, maize and sweet potatoes. We are blessed to be able to grow food for 10 months of the year, from March to December. We hoped these crops would help to provide for needy families as well as raise some funds for the church.

The youth are very active and committed in the church. They meet together on Saturdays when either Jerome, (please view our short video of Jerome) David or myself will teach the Bible. Some are discovering their gifts: they can teach the children, lead praise and worship, interpret into Luganda, play the keyboard and even preach short messages.  They also really enjoy playing football which they do every couple of months. They are very good footballers and last year they won all but one of their matches.

Gloria and Kisakye lead the Sunday School, and now that Sarah has gone away for a time, they have also taken on the responsibility of the Saturday Children’s Club. The children love to sing and the Sunday School has a small choir called the ‘Resurrection Angels’ which sing for us in the main service on Sundays. We still have very many children attending, although there are fewer in term time as some have to study on Saturdays. They enjoyed their annual party at Christmas.

We dedicated three new arrivals last year: Michel born to David and Faith, Aaron born to Ellen and Michelle born to Jane.

We now have 37 children sponsored for school which is amazing. Some had been out of school for years and we have teenage boys doing Primary Education. It took about 3 weeks to get everyone organized for school with their uniforms and requirements, but we can see how much it means to them and the enormous difference it’s making to their lives. Many of our children are getting high grades. Peter is now the head boy of his school and he’s organized a Christian fellowship every afternoon for teachers and students.

We began this year, as last year, with baptisms. We like to do this in the hot, dry season of January/February.  A Christian headmistress allows us to use the pool at her Nursery School. This time we baptized 16 people and had such a blessed time.

We are so grateful to you all for your prayers and loving support. Thank you for standing with us in this ministry.