Baptismal FontChristenings and Thanksgivings

Following the latest Government announcements, we have decided to close our buildings again for public worship. This means that again, for the time being, we are not in a position to do christenings. When we are in a position to do them again, if they take place on Sunday afternoons, then they will only be at 3pm, normally on 1st or 3rd Sunday in the month. If you have any queries about this or would like to make an enquiry for a future service please contact us at in the first instance.

We welcome you and your children to be baptised as a mark of God's love, to be welcomed into the family of the church and to become a part of our different church communities. For church is a community we belong to. 

If you are not yet sure whether you are ready to baptise your child, then we offer services of Thanksgiving to acknowledge the birth of your child. Do look at the Church of England's Christening website for helpful information also. If you haven't been baptised, it's never too late! If you would like to explore the Christian faith, we will be happy to help you. Please let us know.