The Six

Seeing lives transformed through encounter with Jesus

Sunday Morning Services

The following sets out our general pattern of services for the month across the different
churches and congregations.

First Sunday
8.00 am  Communion (BCP)at St Margaret's Lower Halstow
10.00am at St Mary's Newington whole Benefice Service

2nd Sunday
10.00 am  Family Time  All-Age Worship Lower Halstow
10.00 am  Sung Communion at Newington
10.00 am  Morning Worship at Upchurch
10.30 am  'Engage' All-Age Worship at Hartlip
10.45 am  Communion at Iwade

3rd Sunday
10.00 am   Communion at Lower Halstow
10.00 am   'Stepping Stones' All-Age Worship at Newington
10.00 am  Sung Communion Joint service at Hartlip with Upchurch 
10.30 am  All-Age Worship at Uplift Upchurch Village Hall

10.45 am All-Age Worship at Iwade
6.00 pm Communion at Stockbury

4h Sunday
10.00 am  Family Time at Lower Halstow 
10.00 am  Morning Worship at Newington

10.00 am Morning worship at Upchurch
10.30 am Morning Worship at Hartlip
10.45 am  All-Age Worship at Iwade
6.00 pm Mothering Sunday Service at Stockbury

5th Sunday
10.00 am 'Family Time' at Lower Halstow
10.00 am Morning Worship at Newington

10.00 am  Sung Communion at Upchurch
10.30 am Morning Worship at Hartlip
10.45 am All-Age Worship at Iwade
6.00 pm  Communion at Stockbury