The Six

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Good Friday

We did our personal walk of witness with the cross as part of our daily walk, around Newington village starting at 9.45am, outside St Mary's and finished on the green by the A2. Although not many were out, it seemed as though many followed on Facebook Live as we walked.

Although Good Friday 2020 is now past, you may find this reflection (the first of three) released that day by the Bible Society worth looking at as they reflect on the current crisis.

You may find the following Stations of the Cross reflections a helpful means of helping this journey. They develop the story of the Passion over Holy Week, as different members of the Canterbury Cathedral staff reflect on each station. You may wish to reflect on them together with the Cathedral's Morning & EveningPrayer on Good Friday, as they tell the whole story.

Good Friday Morning & Evening Prayer

Stations of the Cross during the week