The Six

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Shine a light!


During the current Covid-19 crisis we invite you to join with as many as possible across the six villages in placing a light in your window at 8.00pm every Sunday evening. This was originally just for Mothering Sunday, but as the churches of The Six we have decided to continue to do so during this difficult time. It would be great if you could light a candle, but we recognise that this may not always be practical for not least for safety reasons, so we ask you to place whatever may be suitable for you to join in. 

For us as Christians the lighting of a candle doesn't just symbolise Jesus as the light of the world, but also our calling as his followers as those sent to shine his light amidst the challenges of life and to make a difference in his name. It also a way of expressing hope as "the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not (cannot) overcome it", and so expressing those things within our hearts that words cannot always express.  In so doing you will be joining with others across the villages expressing that hope, as those also seeking to make a difference at this time.