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Ron Partridge photo Dear Friends
‘The New Normal’ – but what is ‘normal’ now, and what good things could come
out of all this? So much is changing and pressing on us. What will ever be normal again? 
We are facing many crisis – the pandemic is only the background. We are at a turning point in race relations, brought on by the terrible killings in the USA.
We see poverty and inequality starkly revealed, and the stresses on our health services and elder care. The clear air from reduced travel underlines our climate crisis.
All of this demands attention or will be waiting for us once the pandemic has passed.

But the personal crises are more pressing – isolation, loneliness, job loss, debt, risk and danger. For some these can be a heavy burden, for others a constant pressure. Maybe the aftermath will bring new ways of working, travel, education, and personal contact. We shall see.

But in the midst of all this, what is ‘normal’? Only one thing – what we are and hope to be, in our inmost selves.  We are thrown back on our inner resources, facing each choice and challenge. We are guided by our hearts and minds, loving and supporting each other through it all. What we are inside helps us to find strength to face the daily unknowns.

Within ourselves, we can find faith in One who comes to us to renew us, who can help us to carry on in hope. Even in isolation and crisis, we are never alone. This faith can help to keep us strong, knowing who we really are in God’s eyes. This can remain our own ‘normal’, whatever happens.
God bless and keep you all and all those you love and treasure,

Revd Ron Partridge, Lower Halstow.

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