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Alpha youth

alpha youth

Age 11-18?  Got questions?  Try Alpha Youth

Exploring is good.  We're built for it.  Alpha youth is a series which explores life, faith and meaning. Each episode looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation.  It's for anyone aged 11-18 who has questions.

When and where is it happening?
Alpha youth sessions take place on Thursday evenings 7-8.30pm at 25 Crosier Court, Upchurch.
The dates are 4th Oct, 18th Oct, 15th Nov, 29th Nov, 10th Jan, 24th Jan.  (We have a dog so hope you like animals).  There will also be an outing on 1st Nov and a Christmas fun night on 13th Dec.

What are the sessions like?
The sessions include food, fun, a short video and questions to discuss.

Who is organising Alpha youth?
It is organised by the local church and led by Rosie Liddell, Steve James, Brenda Quy and Jacob Burch.  (All leaders have been safely recruited and hold current DBS checks).

How do I join?
You can just come along but you will need to bring a registration form signed by your parent or guardian.  This can be downloaded 

If you or your parents have any queries, email Rosie on