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Christenings, Weddings & Funerals

As the parish churches for our villages, we are here for everyone in the best and worst of times.


If you live in one of the villages, or have a connection with them, you may have the right to be married in the parish church. We would be delighted to help you celebrate your wedding and to support you as you set off on your married life together. You can find lots of excellent resources for a church wedding on the Church of England's Your Church Wedding website. 

Marriage Blessings 

You may be thinking of celebrating several years of married life together, and would like a blessing of you marriage; or you have had a civil wedding and would like a blessing afterwards. We are happy to do such services for you. Contact us so we can discuss this further with you.

Christenings and Thanksgivings

We would love to welcome you to services of christening during which we will baptise your child as a mark of God's love for them, and in doing so to welcome them into the family of the church. If you are not yet sure whether you are ready to baptise your child, then we offer services of Thanksgiving to acknowledge the birth of your child. Do look at the Church of England's Christening website for helpful information also. If you haven't been baptised yourself, it's never too late! If you would like to explore the Christian faith for yourself as an adult, then we would be happy to help you in that. Do let us know.

Funerals & Bereavement

If someone you love has died recently and you would like us to take their funeral, please contact one of the Ministry Team. We are also here to offer support and a listening ear when things are tough, either at the time of bereavement, or in the months and years that follow; during the year we have specific memorial services to which we invite any who have been bereaved.  The following Church of England website also provides useful resources and help here FuneralsPlease do contact us to see if we can help you in any way.

To discuss a christening, wedding, marriage blessing or funeral please contact the following:

Rev Julian Staniforth: for Newington, Hartlip and Upchurch
Rev Mark Ham:          for Lower Halstow
Rev Stephen Plumb:   for Iwade
Rev Liz Cox:               for Stockbury. 

Our phone numbers and email addresses are all available here.